China’s Environmental Movement: A View from Beijing

Liu Jianqiang

Liu Jianqiang speaking at the Tibet Governance Project, Elliott School of International Affairs, April 2013

China’s Environmental Movement: A View from Beijing

LiuJianqiang is Beijing Editor of, an online, bilingual forum on environmental issues in China.

Formerly a senior investigative reporter with Southern Weekend, China’s most influential investigative newspaper, he is known for his exposes of the controversial Tiger Leaping Gorge dams in southern Yunnan, genetically modified rice, and the Summer Palace Lake Reconstruction Project, all of which led to shifts in government policy. He has been featured in the Wall Street Journal’s study of investigative journalism in China as well as in China Ink, the Changing Face of Chinese Journalism, and his books include Heavenly Beads: A Tibetan Legend (2009) and The Last Raft on the Jinsha River (2012).

Liu Jianqiang4

Liu Jianqiang’s lecture drew members of the DC Tibet and China policy research communities, as well as GW students and faculty

Liu Jianqiang7